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 Mt Manunggal is considered as the highest peak mountain in Cebu Island. Mount Manunggal is known for being the crash site of the presidential plane, Pinatubo, which crashed on its shoulder killing instantly the dear President Ramon Magsaysay and eighteen others on March 17, 1957. A monument honoring Pres. Magsaysay stands at the crash site, which, incidentally, is the present main camping area for mountaineers. A shrine was also made to house the relic of the Pinatubo – the plane's main engine block. 
Start down from Tagba-o in Barangay Tabunan, where crossed a river that divides Cebu City from the town of Balamban whence Mt. Manunggal is a part of. From the river it was steep climbing all the way. Although Manunggal is only 3,009 feet above sea level, the Cebu Mountaineering Society (CeMS), considered and rated it to be a major climb. The heat of the sun made it harder for want of trees and the trail is slippery and wet caused by the ever-present dew brought in by fogs.

            This is the old road sign marker hardly seen along the Cebu City-Balamban Highway. It should be noted that Magnolia (Chicken) was the one who donated this marker.
In the earlier years, people and “trekkers” would walk along the trails for hours and days, depending where they start, to reach the peak and camp out for the night during yearly celebrations of the death of President Ramon Magsaysay in this mountain.

This is one of the newly-installed billboards along the route, as one enters the park,  that leads to the NHI Marker. It is noted that DENR, Cebu Provincial Government, Cebu Mountaineering Society, and Ayala Center (Cebu) are the sponsors of these small billboards. Last year was the Golden Anniversary (50th year) of the death of President Magsaysay and celebrations had been made on the site of the crash.

This is the view from the peak of Mt Manunggal. Seen from this location is the Chapel and the end of the feeder road towards the NHI Marker. A trail from the Chapel to the right leads the visitors to the NHI Marker and Camp Site.


There stands a giant white cross on the spot as a reminder of the charismatic president’s untimely demise.  The journey itself to the crash site affords an awesome hike at one of the most lush mountain forests of the Philippines.  This is where the Cebu Cinnamon tree, one of the most threatened trees in the world, can be found.  You also get a stunning view of the great mountain ranges of Cebu.



                                                      THE MOUNTAIN PEAK
                                                  BIKER'S IN MANUNGGAL

Sabado, Hunyo 18, 2011

Mount Manunggal is located in Barangay Magsaysay in Balamban, Cebu and rises to a height of 1,003 meters above sea level. It is the crash site of the presidential plane Pinatubo which carried and killed President Ramon Magsaysay and seventeen of his presidential staff and some news correspondents during that unforgettable event on March 17, 1957 where an annual trek is held to commemorate his death. It is accessible through many trails but the trail from Tagba-o and at Cantipla in Tabunan, Cebu City is the main route from which the yearly Pres. Ramon Magsaysay Death Anniversary Climb is held.

Mt. Manunggal is within the enclave of the Central Cebu National Park and is protected by Republic Act 8457, otherwise known as the “Central Cebu Protected Landscape Act”; which also covers the Mananga-Kotkot-Lusaran river system, the Sudlon National Park and the watersheds of Buhisan, Mananga and Lusaran.